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SKT1 Series Class PC ATS

SKT1 Series Class PC ATS

  • Using LED indicators for working conditions
  • External replaceable fuses, easy for maintenance
  • Built-in Microprogrammed Control Unit(MCU) can detect Voltage
  • Copper bars are silver plated and have high purity
  • One-piece structure on Load side
  • Three-sections design (I – 0 – II)
  •  Zero Position for dual powers cutting-off
  • Pluggable wiring terminals
  • Mechanical Interlock & Electrical Interlock


SKT series Automatic Transfer Switch(ATS) is the most advanced 3rd generation ATS.  It’s of PC Class (one-piece structure). SKT standard type can handle current from 20A to 3200A.  It  reaches the highest AC-33A Use Class.



pdf_icon Product Manual
SKT-Automatic Transfer Switch User Manual-V2.6


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