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SKR2-B LCD ATS Controller

SKR2-B LCD ATS Controller



SKR2-B ATS controller is the intelligent dual-power switch modual with programmable function, automatic measurement, LCD display and digital funtions.

SKR2-B is digitalization, intellectualization and networking integrated. With the controller, the automation in measurement and control process can be realized, while human errors can be reduces.

Controller is based on the micro-processor techonology. It can accurately detect the three/single phase(s) voltage of the dual power supplies, make accurate judgement of voltage anomalies (power loss, over voltage, under voltage, phase missing, over frequency, under frequency), and output the passive switching values.

The application of this controller on a variety of ATS (load automatic switch system) is fully considered. The controller can be directly used on specialized ATS, contactors made ATS, air circuit breakers made ATS and etc.

It’s widely used in the electrial equipment, automatic control and debug systems in the fields of power, post, petroleum, coal, metallurgy, railway, municipal, intelligent building.

pdf_icon Product Manual

2019-(ATSC) Intelligent ATS Controller Catalogue-V1.2_190904


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