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ASKB6 Series Leakage Protection MCB

ASKB6 Series Leakage Protection MCB

Innovative “phase line+ N line” structural design. Thickness only 18mm. Save 50% space
Shell with ventilation slot design, active heat dissipation, reduce temperature rise
Composite high conductive material. Longer service life
Ergonomic operation design, non-slip handle for easy operation



ASKB6 series household miniature circuit breakers are suitable for the end power distributiorlines of office buildings, residences and general industrial use. ASKB6 can protect linesagainst overload and short-circuit, and provide functions of isolation and control. Undernormal conditions, MCB can also be used in infrequent on-off control of electrical devices anolighting lines. The MCB are suitable for AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage below 230V. rated currentbelow 40A.

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